Debian Linux | How to remove/uninstall Phabricator completely

This guide provides an unistall guide for self deployed Phabricator installations. If you installed Phabricator using a package administration tool you should use that method to remove phabricator (like apt-get purge phabricator).

How to completely remove/uninstall Phabricator

As Phabricator is a more or less simple php application the manual uninstall process is quit simple.  Furthermore Phabricator provides some script to make the cleanup even simpler.

1 - Stop the Phabricator deamons

Phabricator uses daemons (background processing scripts) to handle a number of tasks. You have to stop them using the phd stop command.

Command (from within the Phabricator directory) : ./bin/phd stop

2 - Clean up and remove the storage

The best way to delete the existing data is to run Phabricator's self-contained clean up command. Because it does not make any assumptions about how the data is stored (MySQL, files etc.) it is the best way to make the data deleting as simple as it could be.
Command (from within the Phabricator directory) : ./bin/storage destroy
Alternatively you can remove the data by yourself like dropping all databases beginning with phabricator_.

3 - Remove the Phabricator files and dependencies

Depending on how you installed Phabricator you have to remove all files and dependencies on your filesystem. Check out your webfiles directory and remove all folders of Phabricator. Additionally you should remove the dependencies like arcanist and libphutil.

4 - Clean up your Webserver

Depending on your system configuration you have to remove the outdated settings from your webserver. For example if you are using Apache you have to disable/remove the vhost configuration for Phabricator.


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